A branch of Prairie Landworks

PLI helped a community better manage their assets and provide utility workers with accurate field maps using GIS mapping.

This aerial map identifies all electrical lines.
Yellow lines on this aerial map identify the location of all gas lines.
This basemap shows the location of all water lines.
Combining all lines on one map provides a comprehensive overview of the city's utilities.

Existing utility maps for the City of Moundridge were outdated, making it difficult for utility crews to perform their jobs.

Prairie Landworks accurately located all utilities and plotted them on comprehensive basemaps and aerial photography. This included more than 60 miles of lines encompassing potable water, electric, gas, sanitary sewers and storm sewers.

When completed, our technicians furnished the city with maps of various sizes and formats to meet individual utility worker needs.

Utilizing the county’s existing GIS system, PLI also delivered utility maps on mobile devices to utility crews and facilitated the automated publication of new GIS data to electronic and paper formats as utility maps are updated.

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