A branch of Prairie Landworks

A local company enlisted the help of PLI to design and construct a training ground for their internal fire brigade.

Prairie Landworks Inc. performed a survey of the area to help select the future site for the fire training ground. Once the site was selected, PLI designed the initial layout. This included paving, which would eventually serve as a foundation for the fire training tower, a paved containment apron for heavy truck traffic surrounding the tower, as well as two ponds, one for fire water and one for storm water run-off. A driving criterion for this design was to be environmentally friendly, so in addition to the two ponds that allow for appropriate recycling of water, a shut-off valve was incorporated in the outflow piping to prevent potentially contaminated water from entering the waterway downstream. This design accomplished the company’s short-term goals but also addressed long-term goals by reserving space for future expansion. Once the design was approved, PLI began bringing the plans to life.

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