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The long-anticipated expansion and rehab of the Grant Park ballfield facilities was PLI’s first major project.


The McPherson Recreation Commission hired Prairie Landworks Inc. in late 2012 to conduct survey and feasibility studies of approximately 12 undeveloped acres on the east side of the complex for expansion. The intent was to add tee-ball fields for youth programs and a multipurpose field for soccer, football, flag-football and other activities, as well as additional future parking areas and common spaces.

PLI surveyed and platted the property and designed the expansion. The expansion included the construction of a new restroom building that would also serve as a storm shelter. PLI teamed with 3Ten Studio for Architectural design and created a simple and safe restroom and storage building that is constructed to FEMA F5 level storm design requirements.

The new ballfields and common spaces are fully irrigated and planted with athletic turf type Bermuda grass, which is more durable and requires far less water than cool season fescue grasses. The existing soccer, baseball and softball field irrigation system was also given major upgrades at this time. A large new playground was added for the tee-ball area, and the existing playground was retrofitted with padded synthetic turf surfacing to get rid of the pea gravel. With new facilities, sidewalks, improved irrigation, drainage and turf grasses, the Grant Sports Complex is back as one of the top in the region.

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