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PLI was chosen to install two subsurface drip irrigation systems as model systems for water conservation.


Frequently experiencing drought conditions, the City of Garden City in southwestern Kansas wanted to incorporate water conservation methods to serve as a model for local businesses and residents. In the summer of 2016, the Parks Department hired Prairie Landworks Inc. to install two subsurface drip irrigation systems.

PLI is one of only a handful of contractors in Kansas to have the necessary equipment to efficiently install subsurface drip irrigation systems. As the City of Garden City discovered, the major advantages of subsurface drip irrigation are threefold. First, the grass is watered at the root zone for more efficient absorption. Second, there is no runoff or above ground spray to stain or discolor property as with conventional irrigation systems. Finally, with water sources becoming scarce, the fact that the subsurface drip irrigation uses 50 percent less water is a huge benefit.

Our irrigation crew installed one system on the east end of town, north of Kansas Avenue, after the new Hike and Bike trail was built. We installed the other system at the new columbarium in the beautiful Garden City Memorial Cemetery.

These projects have beautified the landscape in Garden City and are showing that it is possible to have a lush, green landscape and still conserve valuable water resources.

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