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A concrete ring wall was just what this plant needed to support the addition of one of their massive storage tank vessels.

PLI was brought in to build a concrete ring wall to support a large tank vessel at an ethanol and gluten plant in western Kansas.

The PLI crew hit the ground running to excavate, reinforce and place the ring wall footing ahead of schedule. After tying the rebar for the tank ring wall and forming both sides, heavy rains hit the area and filled up the work site with nearly 2 feet of water. Without hesitation, our guys managed to pump out all of the water and place the concrete that same day for the 20-foot diameter tank with walls 9 feet high and nearly 1.5 feet thick.

Once the ring wall properly cured, the inside was filled with compacted sand. While placing the sand, a 12-inch diameter drain pipe was installed through a sleeve in the tank ring wall to allow for drainage.

Next to this wall, PLI also placed a 600-square-foot concrete containment area with integral column support bases for a structural steel platform, as well as a concrete curb around the perimeter.

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