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The PLI crew worked rigorously to complete this industrial concrete construction when time was of the essence.


Working with a firm deadline, Kansas Ethanol looked to PLI to help complete a plant expansion at multiple locations within the facility. The first piece our crews constructed was an 88-by-42-foot concrete cooling tower on a 12-inch slab with walls 1-foot thick, ranging from 4 to 8.5 feet tall. We placed multiple pipe rack foundations beside the tower at one end, as well as pump foundations on the adjacent end.

On another side of the plant, PLI demoed existing paving to allow for placement of a mat slab as part of a 58-by-35-foot building expansion. This included forming out integral trench drains throughout the slab leading to a sump pit within the floor of the building. Next to this, our crews constructed a tank ring 50 feet in diameter with walls in excess of 1-foot thick, stretching almost 10 feet high. A containment slab with a curb at the top edge was placed alongside the tank ring.

To top it off, PLI completed an 8-inch-thick concrete slab and several 42-inch-diameter piers. Our crew’s hard work and dedication paid off when the work was completed within the client’s requested schedule.

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