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Superior teamwork led to the completion of this 13,000-square-foot expansion and remodel project offering high-quality features and everyday function.

The existing 6,000-square-foot McPherson Co-Op Credit Union was originally built in 2003 and could no longer accommodate the rapid growth they were experiencing. While it was still new in most members’ eyes, the building required expansion to keep up with their growing needs. MCCU chose an integrated project delivery approach with PLI to kick off its efforts. This method optimized the knowledge and performance of all team members to create a unique and inviting space MCCU is proud to call home.

Building with purpose

Businesses should have a very clear purpose when choosing to go down the path of new construction. Based on the barriers they faced daily, MCCU knew this was the route they needed to take.

Direct visibility to the main entrance was a key issue plaguing the staff in their old configuration. The line of sight for training sessions in the basement was also a concern due to structural columns obstructing views. The third purpose increasing the emphasis to build was the need for additional offices and other useful spaces.

During the design process, our team worked to achieve maximum visibility to the walk-in entrance. PLI collaborated with the architect to increase the size of the main vestibule, minimizing drafts and allowing access to events in the basement during the day without disturbing financial transactions. Visibility in the basement was addressed by using hollow core panels and structural steel beams to create a clear span with an unobstructed view in the 1,500-square-foot basement assembly room.

Navigating through challenges

Every project has its own set of unique challenges, and this one was no different. The project team stayed in constant contact from the beginning through the end, designing and building to meet the needs of MCCU while successfully maneuvering through each obstacle.

Complex challenges included keeping the credit union’s existing financial equipment operational while running day-to-day activities out of a mobile trailer 15 feet away. The server, vault and security system all remained functioning within the existing space during the 10 months of construction. Placing the underground infrastructure to support these systems was the first step when construction began.

Successful completion

A well-defined scope, guaranteed maximum price and contractor’s contingency allowed for the creation of a high-end space within the allotted budget. During project buyout and accomplished milestones, portions of the contractor’s contingency were used for additional owner upgrades that fell outside of the original scope of work. These additional items allowed for quality details and vast improvements to the aesthetics of the building. Having a firm understanding of where the budget stood at each phase enabled the project team to add finishing touches throughout each step of the construction process.

By the end of the project, all but two of the existing exterior walls were gone, allowing the new building structure to take over the existing footprint and expand. The MCCU facility now has more than 13,000 square feet with additional spaces, adding much-needed value to everyday function.

Unique building elements

  • ICF basement foundation walls
  • polished steel panels around an electric fireplace
  • angled acoustical ceiling with faux wood beams
  • alder wood trim, casing, window styles and paneling throughout
  • ceramic tile flooring with inset rugs
  • built-in office millwork with waterfall-edge desks
  • catering kitchen integrated with basement assembly room
  • 32-foot clearstory peak
  • two-stop elevator
  • custom 9-by-15-foot, boat-shaped conference table
  • custom-shaped 3/8-inch glass and standoffs above wood wall caps

Operating system components

  • high-efficiency variable refrigerant flow (VRF) HVAC system
  • independent HVAC controls in each office and workspace
  • LED lighting
  • multilevel lighting in conference and training rooms


Safety is always a top priority with PLI on every project. Our crews assessed construction activities and associated risks during our “Take 5” meetings at the beginning of each day and any time new tasks began. Not only did we focus on the construction activities at hand, but also on the added responsibility we had with an active place of business just yards away.

The site itself also presented potential safety risks to work around. Within 50 feet on the west side was an 18-inch-high pressure petroleum line to be mindful of during equipment operations, which pertained to a large amount of the exterior activities. There were also high voltage overhead and underground lines on the north and east sides of the site as a major electric substation was located directly to the east. Throughout the process, our crews had to be extremely detailed with any earthwork and equipment activities.

PLI is happy to report zero incidents during this 10-month building expansion.

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