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When weeks of high-speed winds threatened the construction timeline on this new commercial building, PLI brought in reinforcements to make sure deadlines were met.

A local investment company contracted with PLI to erect a retail space for a future Mattress Hub location. This new commercial metal building consisted of a 4,300-square-foot showroom and 5,500-square-foot storage space.

To ensure the owner’s timeline would not be impacted by delays caused by multiple weeks of high Kansas winds, PLI called in an additional metal-building erector to assist with installation of walls and roof panels.

An exterior insulation and finish system (EIFS) was installed along the front third of the building. The ribs of the exterior metal panels created an uneven surface to apply the EIFS. The panels were then sanded to make the EIFS foam flat and true before the final coat was applied.

Within the storeroom area, interior finishes including paint, carpet and acoustical ceilings were completed by a strong group of subcontractors to provide a welcoming environment for future customers.

PLI team members formed and placed concrete sidewalks around two sides of the building in addition to a concrete drive and parking lot along the east and north sides of the new building.

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