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Students at this school were excited to return from summer break after PLI remodeled 14 of their classrooms.

Trinity Catholic Junior/Senior High School was ready to update several of its classrooms over the summer of 2017. PLI jumped in to get the job moving quickly and efficiently to ensure the project would be complete prior to school being back in session. The 12,000-square-foot remodel included LED lighting fixtures, carpet tiles and wall paint among other features. Despite difficult transitions in the existing walls and soffits, PLI was also able to tie in a new acoustical ceiling within each remodeled classroom. Asbestos was abated in the music room prior to completion of the other tasks within that space. Our team effectively coordinated subcontractors to complete their scopes of work during an already busy time of the year and, because of PLI’s strong work ethic and attention to detail, delivered a clean and well-built remodel to the school on time and under budget.

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